Year in Photos (7 Apr 2010)

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One of the sports I really enjoy to play as well as watch is badminton.  When I was at school I wasn’t bad, tried out for a team before being off sports for a while due to a knee injury.  Now though I just play for fun, and seem to have lost most if not all the skill I had when I was 14.  But still, it’s a great way to exercise.

The gym I go to is a bit strange really – it can be fully booked or we can be the only people in there.  Tonight there were two courts so it didn’t feel too lonely.  I played singles with my other half and lost 3 games to 2 – it was a good workout though we’re both shattered now!

Wednesday 7th April 2010
Wednesday 7th April 2010

07/04/10: Badmintola courts

  1. Mum

    We went to Woburn Safari park and teased the animals – less hard work than Badminton!

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