One Week to Go

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This time next week I should be falling through the air… in a controlled way of course!

I will be doing a Tandem Skydive from 10,000 feet.

My first pair of glasses, worn at 9 -18 month old
My first pair of glasses, worn at 9 -18 month old

It’s not only because I’m completely mad and actually want to do a Skydive, but also because I want to raise money for RNIB. 

You can read about my reasons behind chooing RNIB for this money in a previous blog post here:

Respect for Eyes and Sight:

I have raised the target £395 for RNIB, which I am really pleased about.

Tandem Skydive for RNIB
Tandem Skydive for RNIB

It is true to say that while I am an adventurous person and this really is something I want to do, I am getting quite nervous about it.  I saw a video of someone else doing a Skydive recently and while I’m not worried about the falling bit and am not afraid of heights, the steep rate of incline on take-off does bother me a bit… flying isn’t my favourite thing!  But I am still looking forward to it – I can’t believe it will happen next Sunday!

There is still time to sponsor me if you would like to. Please see this blog post to find out how:

How to Sponsor Me:

And I will be sure to blog as soon as I can after my Skydive to let you all know how it went!

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