Fitness Goal

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Here it is then…  my new challenge… a new fitness goal to reach.

Thanks to a suggestion from a friend following my blog post yesterday I’ve decided to try and travel 100 miles between now and 28th May. 

That’s 45 days.

And obviously I’m not allowed to use an engine!

Running, cycling, swimming… I need to travel just over 2 miles a day on average.

That’s possible right?

Well considering I haven’t done anything tonight I guess it’s already down to 44 days… hmmm will have to make a proper start after work tomorrow!

Wish me luck… I’ll keep you updated!!

  1. loosea

    Definately possible, Iv been walking for an hour a day as part of the shine training and covered about 3 – 3.5 miles. Youll get there in no time 🙂 Great challenge! 🙂 x

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