100-Mile Challenge Day 3

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Another fabulously sunny evening here in Lincolnshire this evening so I just couldn’t find an excuse not to go out on my bicycle.

I have to admit my bum wasn’t quite so sure about going for a bike ride this evening – having not been on the saddle since summer last year it’s taking some time to get used to it!

But another 5 miles done today takes the total to over 9.5 miles… this challenge might actually be possible. I wonder how long I will stay motivated for?!

Interesting that according to Run Keeper I started my ride at exactly the same time today as I did on Wednesday (5.52pm).  Bit of useless information there – got to love stats!!

Day Date Activity Distance
Ave Speed
1 14th April Cycling 4.5 0:25:53 10.43 4.5
2 15th April         4.5
3 16th April Cycling 5.24 0:28:10 11.15 9.74

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