No Go For Launch

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I’ve just had a chat with the guys at the British Parachute School where I am booked to do my Tandem Skydive today, and unfortunately their planes have been grounded until at least 7pm today.

They explained that their planes have turbine engines and they are covered by the Air Traffic Control at East Midlands Airport, and so what they decide covers them.  And that decision is no.

It goes without saying that I will be re-booking for another day, but I decided that 7am this morning was too early to be trawling through my diary – so I’ll phone them back in the week to get a new date set.

There is no doubt that I am disappointed about this as I was ready for it… but I absolutely understand and know that there is nothing anyone can do about it (the last thing anyone wants is for planes to lose engines and crash).

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