Year in Photos (19 Apr 2010)

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Who remembers Koosh Balls?

I remember being first introduced to them in the school playground at Devonport Morice Town Primary School, where I was a pupil from 1988 to 1992.  I’m sure it was my first or maybe second year at that school they were a really popular toy (before Yo Yos I think!).  I loved mine – I had three, although none of mine were as big as Julie’s!

They even have their own Wikipedia entry!

I’ve still got one of my Koosh Balls… I keep it because it’s just so fab!  Oh and it’s useful sometimes to scare my nan who hates them!

Monday 19th April 2010
Monday 19th April 2010

19/04/10: Koosh Ball!

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  1. Tara

    I still have my koosh ball too, mine’s about 17 years old! I used to use it in training sessions for people to fiddle with – stops people switching off! Lots of training websites still sell them!

  2. Corrine

    useful to scare your nan? Is that something you need often? lol!

  3. jenniwren12

    I’ve never even heard of these! but they look fab! want one!

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