Mind Over Body

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There is no point to a challenge if it is going to be easy.  And while 100 miles in 45 days, the challenge I have recently set myself, doesn’t sound that hard, it’s the actually getting out there and doing the miles that is the problem for me.

Yesterday I was going to go for a bike ride.  But instead I had a lovely soak in a hot bath.  It was bliss.  Today I said to myself I was definitely going to go out on the bike when I got home from work, but when I got in I was so tired I put my jeans and a jumper on and slopped infront of the telly to watch Biggest Loser.  My mind is rubbish at telling my body to get up, go out and exercise.  Then I got a tweet from a friend – actually it was a direct message – it sounded like she was telling me off a bit, not in a nasty way but in a nice way (if that makes sense).  I don’t know if that’s how she meant it, but it worked!  I went out on my bike and did 3.5 miles. 

And do you know something?  It felt good!  I enjoyed it!!  Ok so it was only 20 minutes, but I actually went rather than staying slobbed infront of the telly.

For me, this challenge is about becoming fitter, and the only way I’m going to do that is by exercising regularly rather than doing something twice and then not for a week or two.

So with the 7 or so miles I did on Sunday, I’ve now hit the 20 mile mark – one fifth of the way to reaching my target!  I’ve got until 28th May (45 days in total) to do this… and providing I keep remembering “mind over body” I should be able to do it.

I’m keeping in the empty lines when I don’t do anything to show how regularly I’m getting on my bicycle (or running)… hopefully this will help keep me motivated to do something as often as I can.

Day Date Activity Distance
Ave Speed
1 14th April Cycling 4.5 0:25:53 10.43 4.5
2 15th April         4.5
3 16th April Cycling 5.24 0:28:10 11.15 9.74
4 17th April         9.74
5 18th April Cycling 7.25 00:39:40 10.96 16.99
6 19th April         16.99
7 20th April         16.99
8 21st April Cycling 3.54 00:20:40 10.28 20.53

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