Year in Photos (29 Apr 2010)

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It is fair to say I have always been a little clumsy.

I am always walking into things, bashing things, bruising myself from not really watching where I am going.

Today I managed to really hurt myself… I walked into the corner of my desk at work (yes, my own desk, so I know exactly where it is) with my hand inbetween my desk and my body. Ouch.

Actually very ouch. I have shooting pains up my arm, my hand is extremely sore, and I am a bit worried I’ve done some proper damage.  Oops!  Hopefully during Friday it’ll ease off… if not I’ll be enjoying the waiting times at A&E.

Thursday 29th April 2010
Thursday 29th April 2010

29/04/10: Stupid clumsy idiot!

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