Year in Photos (2 May 2010)

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I really enjoy playing bass guitar.  However I don’t have one of my own, I have been using a lovely bright red Epiphone for the last 10 years or so.

That bass has, unfortunately, started to go a bit wrong.  This mornng it was cutting in an out as if the pickups were a bit broken.  Well actually one of the pickups hasn’t been right for a number of years, which has just been put down to age.

So we took the bass apart this afternoon so see if we could clean it up or at least see what the problem was.  As suspected it was the switch, which really needs replacing, but we managed to do a repair which makes the bass playable for now.  Unfortunately it hasn’t quite worked as planned and now there is a rather horrible hum coming from the bass and the notes just aren’t as clear anymore.  Boo!

The bass, having done some research on it this afternoon, is a Epiphone ET-280, made in around 1970 – so it’s 40 years old.  From what we could tell from photographs and descriptions online, all the hardware is original – not bad for a vintage bass.  While it’s a bit scuffed around the edges, it’s a really nice bass.  I hope we can get it working again (although with it not right it’s the perfect opportunity for some bass “window shopping”!).

Sunday 2nd May 2010
Sunday 2nd May 2010

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