Collecting Stamps

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I’ve been collecting stamps for a while now as many charities can raise money from them.

I realised that I’ve never told Splodz Blogz readers… you might be able to help collect even more!!

Collecting Used Stamps
Collecting Used Stamps

I send my used stamps to RNIB, the same charity that will benefit from my Tandem Skydive on 16th May.

Why not start collecting used stamps.  You can either send them to a charity of your choice yourself (or to the RNIB of course!), or I am happy to take them from you and send them with mine to RNIB.

Details of the RNIB scheme can be found here:

You can see why RNIB is a charity I like to support by reading this Splodz Blogz post:

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  1. Molly

    I have been saving my used stamps for a while, but didn’t know what to do with them, so thanks for this link. RNIB also take old mobile phones, chargers, used ink cartridges etc, so I will be sending some of those too. Good luck with your fundraising for this charity! mollylou (mse!) x

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