Year in Photos (8 May 2010)

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I spent today at a Media Day in Kettering, which was a one day event all about using media in a church/worship setting.  It was a really good and useful day with people with expertise in sound and vision engineering, blogging and social media, photography, and a live link up with some media experts from California.

If you want to have a look at what went on seach on twitter for #kcmedia as there were several people twittering from the event.

Here is Johnny Laird ( and Mark Calleran during the “Genius Panel”, a very useful question and answer session.

Saturday 8th May 2010
Saturday 8th May 2010

08/05/10: ‘Genius’

Oh and here is one of my very smiley mum at the event!

Smiley :)
Smiley 🙂

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