Year in Photos (11 May 2010)

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Today I took a photograph of one camera with another.

This is my Sigma SD14, my DSLR, and I love it. We had a Sigma SA9 before with two lenses so upgrading to the SD14 seemed a good option which saved us buying new lenses. We’ve had this camera for a good few years now and I’m ok at taking pics with it, just not too consistently (despite spending some time taking catalogue still life photography with a Nikon DSLR)! So I’m going on a course on Friday to help improve my skills and hopefully also my confidence in capturing what it is I see.

Maybe I should do it the other way round tomorrow?

Tuesday 11th May 2010
Tuesday 11th May 2010

11/05/10: Sigma SD14 taken with a Fujifilm Finepix F10

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