Year in Photos (13 May 2010)

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I really enjoy playing my trombone. For the last few months I’ve been sat on bass trombone in the brass band I play in, which has been a great challenge for me but also good fun.  Tonight I moved back onto first trombone, which is a much more comfortable part for me (my range is definitely that of a a tenor trombone player) but having played in a different register (and clef) for a good while my lip and tone is complaining somewhat.

We were handed this piece to have some fun with this evening – and I thought “yes”!! With the exception of perhaps Pirates of the Carribean, and maybe Schindler’s List, this has got to be one of the best film scores ever.  Film music is probably my favourite genre, although I like all sorts of music, so having a chance to play this was fab.

And it didn’t sound too bad for a sight read!

Thursday 13th May 2010
Thursday 13th May 2010

15/05/10: Bom – bom bom bom, bom – bom bom bom bom

(Haven’t forgotten about the picture of my Finepix!)

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