Year in Photos (15 May 2010)

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This weekend is the BMF Show at Peterborough Showground, which we like to go to have a look around and find any bargains that are to be had.  As today was sunny we decided to take the bike.

The show was packed!  It felt like there were more stands there than normal (great to see some of the manufacturers have returned after not attending for a while), and there were so many people!  We couldn’t really get into the Triumph Clothing tent (always some great stuff in there) and everywhere just seemed rammed.

The sign below was on a trike on one of the stands. 

Saturday 15th May 2010
Saturday 15th May 2010

15/05/10: Saw it – wanted it – threw a fit – got it. If only this worked!

(By the way it’s not blurred, just really really shiny with jagged edges!)

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