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Back on Wednesday 14th April, and following some converations with friends about fitness goals, I set myself the challenge of travelling 100 miles before my holiday – in 45 days (see here: http://splodzblogz.wordpress.com/2010/04/14/100-mile-challenge-begins/).

And today, with two days still left to go before I head off on my break, I’ve done it! Yay!

It turned into a cycling challenge really – I did all 100 miles either on my mountain bike around where I live, or on our old broken exercise bike which just about stays together enough to use when the weather outside isn’t favourable.

Here it is – my last eight miles!

100-mile Challenge Complete!
100-mile Challenge Complete!

Some bike rides were short, others quite long, some took me out into the Lincolnshire countryside, others had me cursing the four walls I was stuck in – but each mile I did got me one little bit closer to my goal.

Day Date Activity Distance
Ave Speed
1 14th April Cycling 4.5 00:25:53 10.43 4.5
2 15th April         4.5
3 16th April Cycling 5.24 00:28:10 11.15 9.74
4 17th April         9.74
5 18th April Cycling 7.25 00:39:40 10.96 16.99
6 19th April         16.99
7 20th April         16.99
8 21st April Cycling 3.54 00:20:40 10.28 20.53
9 22nd April         20.53
10 23rd April         20.53
11 24th April Cycling 7.7 00:45:44 10.1 28.23
12 25th April         28.23
13 26th April Cycling 7.34 00:40:43 10.82 35.57
14 27th April         35.57
15 28th April         35.57
16 29th April         35.57
17 30th April         35.57
18 1st May Cycling 7.76 00:38:14 12.17 43.33
19 2nd May         43.33
20 3rd May         43.33
21 4th May Cycling 3.37 00:20:56 9.65 46.7
22 5th May         46.7
23 6th May         46.7
24 7th May Cycling 15.79 01:39:26 9.53 62.49
25 8th May         62.49
26 9th May         62.49
27 10th May         62.49
28 11th May         62.49
29 12th May Cycling 3.75 00:21:11 10.61 66.24
30 13th May         66.24
31 14th May         66.24
32 15th May         66.24
33 16th May         66.24
34 17th May         66.24
35 18th May         66.24
36 19th May Cycling 5.06 00:20:00 15.18 71.3
37 20th May Cycling 13 00:53:04 14.7 84.3
38 21st May         84.3
39 22nd May         84.3
40 23rd May         84.3
41 24th May Cycling 7.7 00:41:00 11.27 92
42 25th May         92
43 26th May Cycling 8.1 00:33:37 14.3 100.1

You want some stats then? 

Over the last 43 days I have cycled 100.1 miles in 8 hours, 48 minutes and 18 seconds – that’s an average pace of 11.51 miles an hour.  My longest ride was 15.79 miles when I had a Friday off work, and my shortest was just 3.37 one evening when I didn’t have very long and the headwind was horrible.  The fastest ride I did was on the exercise bike at just over 15 miles an hour – and that hurt!

I learnt quite a few things over the last 43 days too… let me summarise:

  • Cycling is painful on the bum (ok I knew that already!) but that is made much better with a pair of proper cycling shorts which I gave in and bought about one week into my challenge. Fantastic things despite looking very strange!
  • I get a pain in my chest if I do a bike ride into a strong headwind, which a lot of women find.  The pain comes a couple of hours after I’ve finished the ride and lasts for a day or two.  The first time it happened it was quite worrying but ok once I knew it was a common thing.  I found relaxing my arms when cycling into a headwind helped.
  • I like to think I’m motivated with exercise but I’m really not.  This challenge was really tough for me to do as I’m a very lazy person who would much rather lay on the sofa and watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition than go out and exercise.   I often had to really force myself to get on and do some miles, but this got easier as the days went by.

About two weeks ago I really felt like this challenge was impossible.  I was lagging behind on my miles and thought about adding in some walking into the equasion (I’ve been on a couple of long walks in the last month which would have helped the total along).  But I didn’t give in and instead gave it everything, going further when I did have time to get the bike out so the total increased quickly, and that was great motivation.  Then when on Monday I saw I only needed eight more miles I knew that tonight I just had to get on and finish it in one last ride.

It feels great to meet my goal, even though it was only a silly little thing I set myself to try and get me to exercise more.

Maybe I should set myself another target when I come back from holiday?

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  1. Ronnie

    Congratulations! I’m well impressed that you stayed motivated. I’d like to join you on a challenge although I’m not sure I’d be as good as perservering than you – worth a try though. Let me know what it’s gonna be!

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