Another Squirrel Photo

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I haven’t had time to go through the DSLR photos from our holiday last week yet (actually most of them were taken by my other half anyway so I can’t take credit for those!), but I just processed this one as I wanted to share it.

My sister and I went deer hunting in the forect area behind our accommodation one afternoon (where some had been seen previously).  As we were walking along as quietly as we could we heard this munching noise.  We couldn’t work out where it was coming from until we looked up to the tree above us and saw this squirrel chomping on an acorn (or something!) he had found.  I was lucky to snap him happily eating away before he scurried further up the tree.

Squirrel eating
Squirrel eating

The grey squirrels were everywhere on this break (yes I know they are rather like rats) and there may be more photos to come (some of them were really too bold for my liking!), but I particularly like this one.

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