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I have had spots since I was 14 years old. Horrible acne spots all over my face. Yuk yuk yuk. I’m now 29 and they’re still hanging around, flaring up when I’m desperate to look good and not taking any notice of treatments natural or chemical. I’ve tried everything.

In fact I’ve given up trying. I recently (in the last six months or so) found Liz Earle skincare, thanks to a friend, and use that because it makes my skin feel clean and nice despite the spots, and I cover the redness up with makeup.

However after mentioning this on twitter a few weeks ago, I was
promised some Mir skincare to try – so I was sent a “Mini Mir Trial Pack” (the version for oily skin) to review for Splodz Blogz.


Mir Trial Pack
Mir Trial Pack

I took the set on holiday with me. I was away for a week and while I took my Liz Earle as back-up I found the trial set lasted the week just fine as you only need a very small amount of each product when you use them.

First things first though… what was I supposed to do with it all?! So on the first night of my holiday (when I took the photos for this blog post) I sat down to read the instruction leaflet I was sent with the set. I had six products in total and apart from the cleaner, exfoliating cleanser and the moisturiser I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with them!

In the pack was six little pots containing Cleansing Gel, Argan Beauty Oil, Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, Skin Refresher, Moisturising Lotion and Skin Silk Lotion. The instructions were clear though, and made it all very simple. I don’t think I have ever used a combination of six face products before but it was good to try this new routine for a few days.

Mir Trial Pack
Mir Trial Pack

I used the products for the full week – seven nights and mornings, and I have to admit it was lovely having an extra “me-time” thing to do while I was away. The products were lovely, neutral smelling and made my skin feel lovely. Let me briefly take each in turn…

Cleansing Gel (£19.50/200ml) – I didn’t need much of this to remove makeup and make my skin feel clean. It was also quite cooling, which was good as the week was a warm one.

Argan Beauty Oil (£17.50/30ml) – I found this lovely on my skin but wasn’t sure about using an oil on my already oily face, so I used it more on my body (although I did use it on my face a couple of times and had no reaction). It had a lovely smooth texture and was absorbed very quickly so I didn’t have slimy skin at all.

Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser (£22/200ml) – I loved using this in the evening, probably my favourite product of the six in the pack. My face was left with an extremely clean and smooth feeling. One thing I really loved was how easy it was to wash away – I’ve tried some exfoliators which take some persuasion to rinse off.

Skin Refresher (£19.50/200ml) – If I hadn’t been on holiday where I didn’t carry anything around with me most of the time this would probably have stayed in my handbag (in fact that’s where it is now, but there’s not much left). It’s a “man of all trades” really, claiming to cleanse, refresh and tone. I found it was great at cooling my skin and making my face and hands feel fresh when used throughout the day.

Moisturising Lotion (£21.50/50ml) – A really light moisturiser that was easily absorbed. I didn’t need much to do my whole face so the little 10ml pot easily lasted all week.

Skin Silk Lotion (£33/50ml) – Another argan oil based product I used this more than the other oil in the set (mainly because the instructions said it was good at helping acne!).

Mir Trial Pack
Mir Trial Pack

Overall this is a lovely range of products made with natural ingredients that seemed very kind to my skin. The regime didn’t appear to have any affect on my spots, but it was very good at keeping my skin clean and refreshed all week. I’m not sure it would replace my usual Liz Earle routine, but I was very impressed with the products and would consider spending my money on them.

If you are looking for something new to try, and would like your skin to feel clean, fresh and free from rubbish, then I’d say give this a go – the little trial pack (£16.95 for the one I used) is a great value way of trying the full range of products and will last well over a week. But as with all skincare products, don’t expect miracles.

If you want to try just one product, make it the Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, in my opinion the best product in the range.

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Thank you very much to Mir who sent me the products to review. If you would like to see a review of your product on Splodz Blogz, please get in touch.

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