But How Much Will it Be?!

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I am a real gadget lover.

I love all things shiny and techy and that do fabulous things.


There is no doubt that my current favourite gadget is my iPhone, which I am on ALL the time!!  I use it for everything… phoning and texting, twitter, facebook, blogging, playing games, email, note taking, keeping myself organised, taking and sharing photos, watching BBC iPlayer/TVCatchup, listening to music and now even as my Tesco Clubcard!

On Monday, as you all know, Steve Jobbs announced the new iPhone 4.  I’ve been waiting for this announcement for some time, knowing that it was likely to come around the time that my 3G contract would be up for renewal.  And I wasn’t wrong… the new iPhone will be available from 24th June – my contract is due for renewal on 7th July – fantastic timing!


The iPhone 4 promises greatness.  A better camera with a flash, HD video recording, a gorgeous screen with retina display, and I reckon it looks totally fantastic.

So I know I really really REALLY want one…

But since Monday the question on mine and everyone else’s lips has been HOW MUCH?!

We know from the launch event that in the USA the RRP of the 32GB iPhone4 is gonna be $299 – which is the one I’m after as my current 16GB 3G is always full.  But HOW MUCH is it gonna be in the UK?!  Surely it should be the equivalent in sterling plus VAT?  Yea right!  In the UK we always seem to end up paying way above the USA price for our products, and with the current 32GB 3GS still retailing for £499 in the Apple Store I would think we’ll be paying over the odds for our Apple tech as usual.

Today O2 announced their new tariffs and I have to say the reaction has not been good (just search for “iPhone4 O2” on twitter!).  No unlimited data (apparently O2 need some money because their network can’t cope with all the data we’re using).  20p for each MMS message rather than them coming out of the monthly text allowance.  And I have no doubt the others offering the iPhone4 such as Orange and Vodafone will do the same in their price plans too.

But I’m still in the market for one.  Providing the price of the actual hardware is ok!

So come on… please tell me… HOW MUCH IS IT GOING TO BE?!

I will continue to wait patiently.  Hmmm.

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  1. Tara

    One of my friends on facebook posted today ‘£380 to upgrade to iPhone 4’. Have no idea what network/tarriff she’s with though. Ouch!

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