Year in Photos (11 Jun 2010)

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I’m so tired today – it’s the end of a really busy week at both work and home. So I chose to make some time for me and bought a magazine and some chocolate and tried to relax. I haven’t read this article yet… wonder what it’ll say and if there are any useful tips?!

Friday 11th June 2010

11/06/10: Relaxing with a magazine and some chocolate

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  1. Judith

    I hope you manage to have a restful weekend. I love the article, especially as Nigel (hubby) did his dissertation this year on ‘happiness’ amongst retired SA Officers. I like the ‘don’t stress about mess’ as I spent most of last evening picking up clothes of my son’s bedroom floor and, even though he’s 23, I shall look upon as an expression of his personality.. lol

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