Year in Photos (28 Jun 2010)

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Today I was able to make a site visit to our new premises at work.  So off I went to the site, put on my steel toes (my own thankfully, not borrowed from the site office), high vis vest, gloves and hard hat (none of those bits were my own of course!) and went into the building to see what it looked like now.  It’s been a few months since I’ve been in – the last time it was pretty much as we aquired it, minus a few fittings and walls which had been removed.  This time it looked totally different.

The building is really big, but the way we work is going to have to change if we’re going to make a success of what we’re doing.  I guess that follows on from my earlier post How to Change? ( – it’s got to be something to take hold of and make work.

My year in photos entry for today is a combination shot of the outside and inside of what will be my new office – well mine and at least 11 others, but mine all the same!  I think my desk will be against the wall to the left of the open shutter in the centre of the exterior shot, and on the right of the open shutter as you look at the interior shot – the shutter will become a window that will look out onto what will become a major pedestrian thoroughfare past the building into the City Centre.

Monday 28th June 2010
Monday 28th June 2010

28/06/10: The outside and inside of my new office as it is now… should be moving in late November.

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