Year in Photos (2 Jul 2010)

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Way back on 11th May I took a photograph of my DSLR with my point and shoot camera as my Year in Photos entry –

I said I would take one the other way around to include here so you could see my point and shoot, but I’ve looked through and it turns out I never did!

So here it is!  My Fujifilm Finepix F10, which I love and that goes with me everywhere.  It’s a 6.3mp 3x optical zoom with no shutter lag which makes it great for instant pics and snapshots as well as more composed shots.  I wouldn’t be anywhere without it and when I eventually have to replace it, I will be looking for Fujifilm’s latest version as I rate it that highly.

Friday 2nd July 2010
Friday 2nd July 2010

02/07/10: My point and shoot camera, never be without it

PS I really should have taken this pic with the tripod rather than hand held – looks fine small but is quite blurred. Sorry!

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