Year in Photos (5 Jul 2010)

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I received a surprise parcel in the post today – well actually it was delivered Friday and I picked it up today.  It was three Opi Nail Lacquers plus some of their Expert Touch lacquer remover.  I am assuming it was a competition win, although I have been neglecting my hobby rather a lot lately, but I can’t find the competition it came from as there was no slip or information inside the jiffy and the label on the packet only had a printed label.  So thank you whoever sent it!

Here are the three colours – Pearls Night Out, Lemonade Stand By Your Man, Past Present and Fuchsa.  I like all three (and must remember to take them off before I go to bed or I’ll look stupid at work tomorrow!).  Oh, and if you have any nail painting tips/tricks I desperately need them as you can tell!

Monday 4th July 2010
Monday 4th July 2010

05/07/10: I need help on the painting my nails front… any suggestions?!

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  1. Jay

    I’m not an expert, but this works for me!

    Don’t overload your brush. Put the tip of the brush in the middle of your nail, push down towards the cuticle, but stop just short of it, then pull up through the nail to the tip, Do the same at each side of the middle stripe, so just 3 strokes for the whole nail!

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