First iPhone4 Video

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I tried out the video recording capability of my new iPhone4 this evening.  Chocolate and Ginger, my two mini lop does, were my subjects of course!  Here is the first result:

Anyone know how best to reduce file size? They’re massive!  I took some other video but despite only being about 2 minutes long the file is 88MB, which would take half an hour to upload to youtube.  Seems a shame.  I can’t find how to either reduce the quality before I take videos or compress the file aftewards (I have used the trim tool, which is useful).  As usual, all suggestions (maybe there are some apps that would do it?) would be helpful!

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  1. BudgieUK

    If you use the iMovie app (£2.99 I think) you can edit video in the iPhone (join clips, add transitions, insert titles etc) and when you export it, it offers several choices (Medium -360p, Large – 540p and HD – 720p) … I assume that the 360p version will be less than a quarter of the file size to the 720p version

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