Do Half Birthdays Count?

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When you’re young every little bit of the year counts, so this short post is to celebrate SIX MONTHS of Splodz Blogz being online.

My 13th birthday... seems a very long time ago
My 13th birthday... seems a very long time ago

Thanks to some friends I started writing this back in January, and I’ve not looked back since.  It started off as the perfect place to share my 2010 Challenge of doing a Year in Photos – one photo every day so I can look back and see what I got up to.  But now it’s much more… photos yes, sharing interesting things I’ve found, reviewing products (beauty and food seem to be the main two topics at the moment but I’m wanting to branch out!) and more.

How exciting that in the first six months I have had over 8,350 visits to the site!  The biggest day was very recent – Sunday 4th July, when I had 261 hits in the 24 hour period, mostly thanks to my post about the Vulcan Bomber flying at the Waddington Airshow being tweeted a couple of times by the Airshow team (much appreciated!).  The most viewed post   I also have 30 subscibers, although I would love for this to increase over the next six months.

What’s missing though?  Anything you would like to see on Splodz Blogz?  Do you have any suggestions for my list of things to do?  As with every post I welcome your comments below – feel free to just say hi or share something that is relevant!

Thanks for reading.  Oh, and tell your friends I’m here!

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