Aveeno Discoverers Programme

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Recently I received a nice parcel from Aveeno, which signalled the start of their “Discoveres Programme”.


Basically, they’ve sent out loads of products to people for them to review… to “buzz” about.

Aveeno Parcel

So this is my first “buzz”, basically just to let you all know I’m doing this… there’s a lot of moisturiser here so I’m gonna take each one in turn rather than trying them all at once.  My sister also has a set (they’re sending each “discoverer” two sets so a friend can try them too) so expect some comments from here too when I blog about them in the coming weeks.

Aveeno Products

The four products I’ve been sent to test are:

Daily Moisturising Lotion

Daily Moisturising Lotion


Daily Moisturing Lotion – Lavendar Aroma

Daily Moisturising Lotion - Lavendar


Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion

Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion


Hand Cream

Hand Cream


And just so you know (I have to say this in any blog post about Aveeno):

“I have been accepted on to the AVEENO® Discoverer Programme http://discoveraveeno.co.uk/index, helping to spread the word about AVEENO® products.  I get sent free AVEENO® samples and have the possibility of being rewarded with additional benefits.”

But of course this won’t stop me being honest about what I think about the Aveeno products I’m testing. Watch this space!

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