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I have never been one for dainty bangles or bracelets.  I’ve got some fab pieces that I love to wear and felt like sharing with Splodz Blogz readers this weekend.

Fat Face Bracelets

This is my everyday wear – both for work and casual.  I don’t normally wear them all at once – generally it’s either the green or the brown (mostly brown) ones.  They are from Fat Face and you can’t get much more easy wearing than these elasticated beads… they go with pretty much everything and I would hate for even just one of them to break!

Cuff Bracelets

When I ‘m not in the simple elasticated bracelets liked the ones above from Fat Face I am probably in something like the photo above shows – a wide cuff-style one.  These are from a variety of places from H&M to my local Fair Trade shop.  I’ve got loads more than this but the above five are the ones I normally go for.  These aren’t so good for work as I spent my day typing and they get in the way.

Dainty Bracelet

If I’m wearing a more femanine outfit on and choose to wear something more subtle on my wrist then this is one option.  From H&M it’s quite a narrow bracelet and even has flowers on!  It’s lovely though, and sits nicely at the bottom of my wrist.

Oasis Bracelets

A friend bought me these bangles from Oasis and I really love them – the “old gold” colour is fab and they are really heavy and feel nice on.  I like to layer up bracelets like this…

H&M Bangles

…and these from H&M as they are more obvious that way!  These are from H&M and look great worn altogether or some worn on their own.

One thing I was really happy to be able to do earlier this year was have a bracelet made for me.  I saw some photographs of a friend’s handiwork and asked for a specific one – this one:

Ikkle Bracelet

Although it is more femanine than I’m used to it is still chunky and I completely love the autumnal colours she’s used for the charms.  Here’s a close-up:

Ikkle Bracelet

It really goes with the clothes I normally wear and I love to show it off – I’m always asked where I got it!  Thanks Danny!!  You should check out Danny’s blog here –

Finally here is one of my favourite bracelets at the moment.

Dogeared Bracelet

It’s by Dogeared and I bought it from when I won a voucher in a Twitter competition a while ago.  I completely love it – it’s heavy and solid and looks great!

Dogeared Bracelet

I think it’s quite a “me” bracelet and I’m often looking at the others available on that website hoping I might be able to treat myself again one day!

Please feel free to comment with suggestions of pieces you’ve seen that might suit me!

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