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I have always been a big fan of the BBC Proms (do you get the post title?!).  I’ve been to Hyde Park for the last night and really loved that, but I’m sure there is nothing like going to them at the Albert Hall.


The Last Night aside, there are always a handful of “show” proms which really appeal each year.  The Dr Who Prom was really good last weekend, and this weekend we have had the Sondheim Prom – celebrating the 80th birthday of one of Broadway’s great innovators.

I have to say this was a fantastic evening of music, and if you didn’t see it or listen to it on Saturday you should definitely try and catch it this week before it’s time runs out on iPlayer.  The opening number – Fanfare and Instructions to the Audience from The Frogs – was very well performed and a great way to start the programme.  I also especially enjoyed the performance of Send in the Clowns by Dame Judi Dench, as well as the closing number which was rousing!  In fact I enjoyed every piece.

This link should take you to the right iPlayer page:

http://bbc.co.uk/i/td8g6/ (available until 10:59pm Saturday 7th August 2010)

And for more information about the BBC Proms, including a list of all the concerts taking place, visit the Proms website:


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  1. Dan

    totally agree zoe. The Sondheim prom was brilliant. happily watch that over and over again. And cant wait for the last night. csnt beat the rousing singalong to Jerusalem and Land of Hope and Glory. Hard to top. One day i’ll make it in person

  2. Ronnie

    I watched the Sondheim prom too – great music by a legend and I never new Oscar Hammerstein (lyricist for Oklahoma amongst others) was his mentor – how cool!

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