Summer Competition – Prize 1

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Ok so the Splodz Blogz Summer Competition begins… 

The first prize you can win is a copy of the book How to Look Good Naked…Can Change Your Life  

How to Look Good Naked 

Whether you’re tall or short, fat or thin, apple-bottomed or muffin-topped? “How To Look Good Naked…Can Change Your Life” is your ultimate guide to looking hot with what you’ve got. Showcasing twenty women featured on the program, each with a different insecurity about her body shape and each learning to become a body-rater not a body-hater, flaunting what they’ve got and cunningly drawing attention away from what they’ve not. With top tips for accentuating natural curves and countering shapelessness, advice on salon products, fashion musts and fashion no-no’s, this book will change your life. With detailed advice on facing body fears, building up confidence, addressing self-perception, working with your body and wearing clothes that make you look and feel good, that flatter your shape and emphasize the best bits of your body, “How To Look Good Naked…Can Change Your Life” shows you how to look fantastic with your clothes on or off no matter what your body shape. 

How to Enter 

For this first prize in the Splodz Blogz Summer Competition I want you all to take part in my Shoe Challenge!  This is something I’ve been doing since 1st July – 

All you have to do is “tweet a pic of what’s on your feet” by 8pm today (Monday 2nd August).  Take a snap of the shoes you are wearing right now and tweet it using twitpic or another similar image hosting service.  

The shoes I wore on 27th July
The shoes I wore on 27th July

You must include @Splodz and the tag #shoechal in your tweet to make it easy for me to find your entry.  You must be following me on Twitter to enter. 

I’m not worried what you are wearing on your feet, just that you tweet a pic of whatever it is!  Only photos uploaded today and by 8pm will be counted (please don’t link to an old photo – the whole point is it’s what you have on your feet now!).

How to Win 

The winner will be chosen at random from all entries.  So it doesn’t matter what shoes you are wearing or how good the photo is – just “tweet a pic of what’s on your feet”! 

Don’t forget to refer to the general rules of the Splodz Blogz Summer Competition which are posted here: 


Thank you to Cathy for donating this prize to the Splodz Blogz Summer Competition.

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