Year in Photos (2 Aug 2010)

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Our house is pretty much a caffiene free zone.  It’s not because we eat chocolate and drink one cup of caffienated tea a day, but it is because everything else is decaffienated – including tea, coffee and coke.  It’s a shame we can’t get the caffiene free Dr Pepper in the UK, and some caffiene free Irn Bru would be fab thank you!

Monday 2nd August 2010
Monday 2nd August 2010

02/08/10: Own brand caffiene free coke… fingers crossed!

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  1. Kelly Manton

    I drink this coke and I really like it. I’ve cut caffeine out for ages now and really feel the difference and get anxious if I have any! I didn’t know you could get caffeine free Dr Pepper, I want some!!!

  2. sue winter

    Thats ok but what they do to decaffeinate is far worse than the actual caffeine.

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