Summer Competition – Prize 3

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Today I am giving away something that perfect for short summer breaks away…

Dove Weekend Essentials Set

Dove Weekend Essentials

The set includes travel size deodorant, body wash, shampoo, conditioner and a shower puff, all in a little clear toilet bag – ideal for your hand luggage!  I love Dove stuff, wish I wasn’t giving this one away!!

How to Enter 

Another question to answer today please – and like yesterday, I just want you to post a comment with your answer.

What was your best OR worst weekend away?

I’d love to hear the most fun you had on a weekend away… whether it be because everything was just perfect or maybe because nothing went according to plan.  Where is the best or worst place you’ve ever spent a summer weekend?  I’m hoping for some gorgeous stories of loved ones treating each others to romantic getaways alongside disgusting tales of bed bugs and being locked out of hotel rooms.

Bring on the stories!

You have until 8pm this evening (Wednesday) to post your comment below. 

How to Win 

The winner will be chosen at random from all the entries.

Don’t forget to refer to the general rules of the Splodz Blogz Summer Competition which are posted here: (remember, it’s one entry per person and you must include a valid email address, which won’t be published, so I can contact you if you win).

If you follow me on Twitter please feel free to include your Twitter name in your comment so I can say hi if you win!

34 Responses

  1. Annette Thomas

    Best weekend was spent in Rome, somewhere I always wanted to go, but hubby will only pay for beach holidays so it never looked likely I’d get to go. When I won a magnum VIP trip I was overjoyed. It didn’t even bother me when British Airways lost my luggage! We stayed next door to St Peters so got to do lots of sightseeing. And the next year I won another trip 🙂

  2. Cher Waite

    My worst weekend away was one of those sun holidays £9 per person jobs in Porthmadog, Wales. Ive had brilliant experiences in the past with the sun holidays but by god this was a shocker. The caravan park was partially flooded when we arrived due to the torrential rain, the caravan smelt that old fusty dank smell, and there were ‘stains’ in places. So I sat on a plastic carrier bag the whole weekend. It carried on torrential raining all weekend. We went for a trip to Snowdonia but couldnt see the thing cos of the fog. We went to Port Merrion expecting a beautiful little village, we near enough waded through it in our wellies as the grey sky poured its venomous rain! Back at the caravan park we were awoke at night by revellers fighting.

    I have never, ever been so happy to go home!


  3. Catherine Miller

    We had an impromptu weekend at Holbrook House during a bit of a stressful time. They had a great last minute deal 2nights for 1 including dinner both nights and breakfast. It was so relaxing (they had a spa there as well), we had an amazing bedroom with a massive bed and the food was the best I’ve ever had! Would love to go back there some time soon!

  4. Susan

    Worst weekend away has got to be when i went camping with hubby, now i knew from the start it would be awful but thought why not? might turn out to be good and yep it all went downhill from there, got to campsite and helped hubby put tent up, well that was a disaster in itself, mr perfectionist wanted it all done his way and kept having a go at me when i did something wrong! so thought sod it and went to the car and sat there til he had finished lol

    rained all weekend, hubby was in sour mood and people in tents next to us talked loudly all through the night! never again


  5. @nicky63

    My best weekend away was, unsurprisingly a competition win 🙂 For which I will be ever grateful to the Great Sir AlMac. We won a nights Stay at the Park Lane Intercontinental with breakfast and it included a meal at Antony Worrel Thompson’s Notting Grill, now sadly closed down, a victim of the recession. We’re so glad we were able to go there before it closed as it was such a lovely restaurant, quite casual and bistro style but the food was out of this world! Yum!

  6. mrstracey1972

    my best weekend away was recently me and oh went to london stayed in mayfair and went to my very first concert this was amazing on so many levels as its was my very first concert very first time in london with out the children and finding out how the other half live in the posh hotel i really felt special and it was more so special cause i shared it with my hubby

  7. phyllis ellett

    Best weekend was in paris when I was 18 with some mates, 1st time abroad on my own, went over on the hover craft(remember those). Stayed in this little hotel in centre of the city. Everything was so new and really opened my eyes for the 1st time. Strange how the chinese owners of the hotel spoke french (’cause they were french). Seeing the mona lise for real. Its a very small painting. Ashtrys on the bar was for change not fag ash, fag ash and buts went on the floor lol. Just so much fun and stands out as my favourite break ever (hitting 56 here).
    @phyllgerry twitter

  8. Hazel

    When my son was two we stayed in a caravan for a weekend – there had been torrential rain during the week and various bits of the fields were flooded. We were walking along a totally dry part but could hear a sloshing sound – and found my son’s wellies were completely full of water. It was the worst weekend we had – but in his opinion it was the best because he’d never been able to wade through so many absolutely huge puddles.

  9. Emily Hutchinson

    My worst holiday was to ‘The Grand’ in Scarborough, well I’m it was once grand but it isn’t now! The room was filthy, we were kept awake until 3am with old ladies doing karaoke nearby, and the food was terrible. The tomato soup starter reappeared again as the source for the main course, and that was served with those frozen potato croquettes you used to get for school dinners, and those little pale orange cubes of frozen veg that I think are supposed to be carrot and swede but taste just of water. I didn’t think you could even buy those anymore! We’d booked for 3 nights but went home after one, we couldn’t face another night there!


  10. Kate Verrier

    My best weekend was my wedding weekend, it was a lovely wedding day with all our closest family and friends, a night in a gorgeous country hotel followed by a day of romantic walks in the woods.

  11. Nickie C

    My worst was a trip to the Isle of Wight with my then-husband. He insisted we spent the whole trip walking the coastal path and ‘enjoying the views’. I would have rather bought a postcard and enjoyed a pint, thank you very much. The only photo of me features a bright red face, witches hair, and a very unhappy expression.

  12. Keziah

    Best weekend was a family trip to Drayton Manor Park, when we stayed over at a hotel, it was the first time I can remember staying in a hotel, and I spent most of my spare time in the pool and spa area. The hotel was amazing as was the theme park, so overall it was a very good weekend away!

  13. Danielle Graves

    My best weekend away was probably when me and my ex went to Withernsea. It’s not the most romantic of destinations and it doesn’t have the best weather, but it was our first break away together. Sure we shared a chalet with his grandma but she left us to our own thing. Like a stroll down the beach or sitting on a wall under the moonlight. Or eating the amazing fish and chips they do. The best thing was just being with him though.


  14. Jennifer Thorpe

    The best weekend away I’ve had was just this year. I was so lucky to be one of the winners with bestwestern when they did their first giveaway. I won 2 nights dinner bed & breakfast at a gorgeous country house hotel near milton keynes. What made this so special was, having 2 children, we can little afford to take short breaks, so the in-laws had the kids for the weekend (who had the most amazing time, jampacked with fun activities) and Mike & I had a superbly relaxed 2 days pottering and 2 nights in the lovely restaurant, enjoying a romantic meal for 2. (jenniwren12 on twitter 🙂 )

  15. Laura Hadland

    My best weekend away was a few years ago I took my OH to Brussels for a surprise weekend for his birthday! He had no clue where we were going until we got into the Eurotunnel queue. We had some great food, took in the sites and went to the musical instruments museum which he said was his favourite museum ever!

  16. Nicky Russell

    I went to Burgh Island for my fortieth birthday… Im a big fan of Deco, so being in an authentic Deco Hotel was wonderful…. Threw me right back in time, and I spent the evening imagining myself in an Agatha Christie Novel…


  17. Jay

    My worst one ever was a weekend with a friend on the Lincolnshire coast. We were only 18, and I managed to dislocate my knee on the first evening, so spent hours and hours in Louth hospital! The funniest part was trying to manouvre round a tiny holiday chalet (especially the bathroon) with a full length pot on my leg!


  18. Alison

    Not sure if its best or worst but its certainly memorable. When we were little my parents rented a cottage in Conemara in Ireland. When we got there the people who had been there before had left loads of rubbish, there were maggots and everything, urgggh. My dad in his wisdom decided to have a bonfire and burn it. A great idea you might think, but remember it was Ireland. The back garden was made of peat! Needless to say things soon got hot!

  19. Donna B

    My worst weekend away was when i went to stay with my cousin & her family. I thought it would be fun but oh no she spent the whole weekend argueing with her hubby, shouting at her kids & moaning about them all to me. I couldn’t wait to get home.

    @Coistycat on Twitter

  20. Kath Amis

    Best weekend was in London to be at the Premiere of King Arthur. The film was rubbish but the party afterwards was absolutely LAVISH and we got to meet all the stars. That night we stayed in the poshest London hotel and had the best time ever.

  21. emma

    Best weekend away was staying in a really posh hotel on Hyde Park Corner, i won it and was my first weekend away with bf who is now husband!

    @emmaand3 on twitter

  22. Frances Heaton

    My worst weekend away was taking the family to a holiday camp in North Wales. Our daughter, at 16 didn’t want to do anything with us, and sulked if she had to. In the evenings she arrived back well after curfew. The arguments between her and her dad could be heard on top of Mount Snowdon.

    The weather was awful, pouring down all the time and it was a relief to be coming home and collect our much loved pet dog.

    Only to find, on arriving at the boarding kennels, that he had sadly died.

    A weekend away remembered for all the wrong reasons!

  23. Emma

    For my 21st birthday my lovely boyfriend bought me (and him) a weekend away on Rome! This was the best weekend ever! On the flight over he bought a bottle of champagne! We stayed in a lovely hotel with beautiful high ceilings, we ate some lovely food! We saw all the historical sights, on our last night we went to the trevi fountain it was lit up beautifully, one of the most romantic nights ever!! One the Sunday we didn’t fly till later in the afternoon, so spent the afternoon outside the colliesium laid on our suitcases reading, a moment I’ll remember forever. It was just perfect! I don’t think I’ll ever have a weekend that will top that one!!

  24. cathy james

    my best weekend away was our 10th wedding annoversary, we went to Venice, it was lovely weather, romantic and a nice slow pace so we both enjoyed it.
    My worse was when we went to a friends holiday chalet one easter when Beth was under 1, it was cold, damp and miserable. we stayed for 2 days 1 night and decided to give up and go home.

  25. Gemma

    my best weekend is far from fantastic or thrilling or exciting, just simply nice 🙂 it was my win of the Isle of Wight festival tickets, so involved a trip away – technically my first one with my boyfriend from Southampton 🙂 it was a lovely weekend, was great to get away from things here, and it meant meeting some lovely new friends in nicky and cecelia 🙂 we got to see some great bands, meet some lovely people and just simply have a lovely time away. Not very far from my home, but it’s still away, right?

  26. Nicky

    Best weekend away was to Amsterdam back in the years where responsibility was a dirty word. Grabbed a last minute flight after a horrid week at work, told by boss if i wasn’t back on Monday to call my brother. Had a brilliant time, talked my way into a barmaid’s job and went awol for 6 weeks until my brother came over stating my boss was an idiot and he couldn’t do my job any longer and my landlord want to know if I was coming home.

    followimng @kniknaxnjj

  27. lucy

    Camping in wales with a new fella a couple of years ago was very memorable! We were the only ones on the “campsite” (a farmer’s field) and trying to pitch a tent on a 45 degree slope in a force 10 gale severely tested our fledgeling relationship. We managed to snap a pole so the back of the tent was collapsed, and when we finally got the bloody thing up we realised we’d pitched it on top of a bottle of beer!
    Couldn’t get the bbq going, then it absolutely pi$$ed down all night. Hey-ho, we went to bed cold & hungry but I still look back on it and laugh.

  28. Wendy Stanger

    best weekend away was last year in Venice won with Magnum icecream, they arranged flights from our local airport, private water taxi to hotel & a hotel just off St Marks Square, weather was lovely & food great & Venice of course amazing. We were even able to get away from the crowds by visiting the lesser known squares. Even better when we got home the kids had been good for Granny & my little lad had slept through the night something he had never done before!!!

  29. Jane/Gerturdeanna

    My most memorable weekend was my wedding weekend. We got married in the middle of January, on a cold dreary Saturday almost 10 years ago. The parish church is set in the middle of town and when we exited as man and wife, there were hundreds of people around the church watching us. We thought we were very popular, only to find that the shopping centre nearby had had a fire alarm go off and everyone had to be evacuated!!
    We had our reception etc and the wedding breakfast the next morning with all the various family from Spain and UK in a beautiful hotel only 20mins away. We woke up to a blanket of snow covering the surrounding countryside and spent the first day of my married life building snowmen and having snowball fights!! Amazing!!

  30. FionaLynne Edwards

    My best weekend away was last year. We went to Chessington World of Adventures as a family. It was lovely to be away together – my hubby is self employed and rarely takes a break! My little girl loved the hotel. It was a fantastic family weekend.

  31. Emma Sant

    My best weekend away was when we went to London a few months ago. We went to see my favourite band Green Day in concert at Wembley and on the Sunday we went to look around London, to see the sights and ride the London eye. It was an amazing weekend. 🙂


  32. Ashleigh

    my best weekdend was to the lake district with my daughter and my husband. It was my daughters first holiday and was perfect!

  33. Jo Kelly

    My best weekend away was on a hen weekend to Dublin. I don’t think anything more can be said, it was wild & I loved every minute of it :)) x

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