Summer Competition – Prize 4

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I’m giving away something simple but yet just perfect today – one of my favourite essentials!

Zebra Soft Rubber Grip Mini Ball Point Pens AND an Office Essentials Pack

Zebra Mini Ball Point Pens

Office Essentials

Ok, I know, they seem so basic – but the pens are really are one of the most useful tools you could own!  These short ball point pens in various colours are nice to write with, comfy to hold, and perfect for note taking, doodling, writing shopping lists or even writing with for hours.  Have I sold them enough?!  And no they weren’t donated – I just wanted to share these with you!

The Office Essentials Pack is simply four little plastic tubs including pins and clips – nice and brightly coloured – a little set every study needs.

How to Enter 

Another entry by comment today – and it is probably the quickets answer you’ll have given so far in this competition:

What is your favourite colour?

(And I just hope your favourite is in this set somewhere!)

You have until 8pm this evening (Thursday) to post your comment on this post below. 

How to Win 

The winner will be chosen at random from all entries.

Don’t forget to refer to the general rules of the Splodz Blogz Summer Competition which are posted here: 

If you follow me on Twitter please feel free to include your Twitter name in your comment so I can say hi if you win!

56 Responses

  1. Kate Verrier

    What a fabby prize, I love pens and stationary!!

    My favourite colour is pink (think I gave that away on my blog yesterday lol)

    Thanks again for running these comps 🙂


  2. Gordon Miller

    I’m into purples and pinks mostly, but red as well of course! I love most colours 🙂 (@lookingred)

  3. Karen Railton

    i know its not the best colour but i like black @krailton

  4. mollylou

    Hi Zoe! My favourite colour is Yves Klein Blue! and I am a bit of a stationery/pen addict too 🙂

  5. andrea caizley (@andiecaz)

    my favourite colour is black especially clothes, thats all I seem to buy. x

  6. Russell

    Another red fan. I blame my Dad for making me support Leyton Orient from a very young age! @luvhandyls

  7. Danielle Graves

    My favourite colour has to be puprle. I am not/was not a very girly girl yet when it came to decorating my room wanted something girly that I could cope with so we chose different shades of purple and I love it 🙂

  8. MunchKim

    My Favourite colour is Aqua, love it in all shades from the palest frothy almost white you get in rough waves to the bright colour of the sea round tropical islands 😀

    Thanks for running these comps and congrats on your hits & subscribers 😀


  9. Dan

    Greens and Browns for me!! Used to be blue but seems to have become less keen on that as its been work uniform for 8 years!! Great comps so far Zoe. well done you 🙂

  10. Keziah

    It would have to be blue really 🙂 all shades of it, yet I also rather like pink!

  11. Gemma

    I always say it’s purple but in recent years it’s slowly developed into jadey-green sort of shades. I love all colours to be honest but purple I think still wins my heart 🙂

  12. Jennifer Thorpe

    my favourite colour is purple @jenniwren12 on twitter 🙂

  13. Emily

    I love stationery 🙂 My favourite colour has always been blue, there’s something so calming about it. I can’t stand pink.

  14. Uri

    Orange – and its not because i am dutch. In fact i love fluorescent orange.

  15. BearsBlueGirly

    mmmmm…let me think….well. judging by my name…its….3 guesses…..BLUE!!

  16. Al Mac

    Got to be blue, to be honest blue or black, as a delivery driver you can never have too many pens and any colour is good. In fact I’m in need of an orange coloured one, for a fellow comper 😉

  17. Victoria Cairns

    Purple for me at the moment although I change my mind depending on my mood

  18. Trudi Walsh

    Office essensials, Fabulous, I love the colour Orange!


  19. Nicky

    I;m a purple kind of girl. Also think the prize is great as my lad is learning to write and pens seem to have a habit of walking off in this house.
    following on twitter @kniknaxnjj

  20. @kohsamui14

    purple of course… Since 1973 ish!!! About the same time as I fell in Love with Donny Osmond… and hey guess what his fave colour was purple!

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