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There is a whole range of shoes around at the moment that are supposed to tone your legs and help with posture etc.  If anything it seems like the latest craze in fitness footwear… and while this interests me because I like both fitness and footwear (!) I am a real sceptic.

So I ordered some Fit Flops!  Actually it has taken me a while to decide to get some, but following a conversation with Rubber Sole about doing some reviews on my blog for them it seems like the perfect opportunity to test out this latest thing.

Shape Ups

Fit Flops

Rubber Sole sell Fit Flops and Shape Ups.  Fit Flops are their own brand and Shape Ups are made by Sketchers.  There are Reebok Easy Tone Trainers which appeal because I could wear them while playing badminton or similar, and also MBTs which I think are the original ones, but Rubber Sole don’t stock these.

I chose Fit Flops over the Shape Ups because it’s the summer (it IS the summer… it’s August… despite the weather!!), and I have heard from people that they are good.  In fact a couple of friends said their Fit Flops are the most comfortable sandles/flip flops they have ever worn – which is quite some recommendation!

Fit Flops

I’ve gone for these Walkstar III in Chocolate which cost £44.99 from Rubber Sole.  I am looking forward to them arriving  – which should be Monday (next day delivery is standard but they don’t guarantee weekend delivery, which is a shame).  I’m looking forward to getting my first “body shaping workout” from these “amazing” shoes… well we’ll see anyway!!

I think this isn’t going to a short term test so once they’ve arrived I’m gonna give myself at least a month to wear them as regularly as I can and I’ll let you know how I get on.

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  1. Bec

    They reviewed toning shoes/ trainers on How to look good naked and they said they were good and pretty much felt like they were doing what they said on the tin

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