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My most recent review parcel from mypure includes three products from their online shop.  The first to be featured on Splodz Blogz is the Inika Mineral Foundation along with their Kabuki Brush.

Foundation and Brush

Foundation: (I got sent a 3g pot in “unity”)


I’ve never tried a mineral powder foundation before although I am aware they’re supposed to be good.  My everyday wear is the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in “cameo”, which I like because it’s really easy to apply in the morning before work, I need no other layer under or over it, and it seems to give me good coverage without making me look shiny.

Dream Matte Mousse

I’m one of those girls who finds it difficult to try new foundations because of the expense of getting it wrong – I’m more than happy with my current regular choice and while Maybelline still make it I currently have no reason to change.

So anyway… on to the test!

After my shower this morning I took this shot of my face… red, blotchy and spotty – that’s me (please don’t judge me by my face… I’ve had enough of that as the years have gone by!):

Me - Before

Following the instructions on the mypure website (I said I’ve never used this sort of thing before!), I loaded up the brush and started to use it on my face. I made the decision not to use any concealer so I could see just what sort of coverage this foundation gives.  And here you go (of course both before and after are completely unedited photographs)…

Me - After

Not bad at all hey?  I’m quite impressed.  I’ve really no idea if I put on more/less than I’m supposed to (I really need a make-up lesson – can anyone help me with that?!), but I’m happy with the result.  The no concealer decision was a bit of a mistake (although it does say on the website it acts as a concealer – perhaps not for my spots!), but I know for future reference.  And the colour (unity) is pretty good too – maybe I could do with one step lighter if I was buying this myself.

Here’s a closer pic:

Me - After

I really like the coverage.  And it feels light on my face and I still look like that pic a few hours later.


Oh, and as an aside about the brush – it was lovely to use, and will be great for my makeup bag as it retracts within the handle and has a cover.

Inika Mineral Foundation costs £24.99 for 8g from mypure and is available in six shades.  Quite a bit of money, I’m not sure if I could stretch to that for everyday make-up, but it is certainly very good.  The brush is £22.99.

I’m now tempted to try the Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation which is a similar price to the Dream Matte Mousse I use every day… now I know how to use it anyway!

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  1. Kate Verrier

    Great review! I’m not too fantastic with make-up either, I just make it up as I go along and hope for the best lol.
    This product does look really good although I dont think I would be able to pay so much for it (until I win the lotto that is!)

  2. chantelledarlareid

    Hello there,

    If you apply your mineral powder as per normal – then tap some into the lid and dip your (clean) finger in it and dot it onto any of your more prominent spots, let it sit a minute or two then gently get your brush with a tiny bit more powder on and brush over to blend – this should help to increase the coverage for those little spotted areas.

    Hope it works for you 🙂

    otherwise if it still isn’t enough i recommend getting a mineral concealer in the colour Green. Green is the opposite to red – therefore it masks any red spots and it works fantastically. Green is a bit scary to apply – but if you apply it only onto your spots and then blend slightly – apply your mineral over the top as usual and you will see a huge difference.

    good luck 🙂

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