Summer Competition – Prize 11

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Treat anyone?  Today’s prize is perfect for summers spent at home (whatever the weather!!).

Ice Lolly Moulds

Lolly Moulds

Fancy some frozen juice?  Everyone has to have a ice lolly mould for the summer – frozen treats in about 6 hours.  One person today will win an ice lolly mould (makes 4 lollies)  just like the pic but in purple – these green ones are mine!

How to Enter

Back to entry by comment today – just post your answer to this question to be in with a chance of winning:

What is your favourite ice cream treat?

Maybe you always go for the traditional 99? Or do you prefer a cornetto? Maybe a Fab or Twister – or Zoom (are Zoom’s still around?!)?

You have until 8pm this evening (Monday) to post your comment on this post below.

How to Win

The winner will be chosen at random from all entries.

Don’t forget to refer to the general rules of the Splodz Blogz Summer Competition which are posted here:

If you follow me on Twitter please feel free to include your Twitter name in your comment so I can say hi if you win!

38 Responses

  1. lesley

    my favourite treat is a feast – usually eaten at the end of a bike ride.

  2. Alison Powell

    My favorite was a Fab until I read a recent article describing it as being smeared in factory lactation. urrgh

  3. Yvonne Crossland

    I don’t like a lot of ice creams/lollies so for me the choice is between 3 – cornetto, 99 with flake or twister if I’m out & about. At home it’s Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough yum yum xxx

  4. Catherine Miller

    At home it would be some Carte Dor but out it would have to be a fab lolly! Have never grown out of them! x x x

  5. Gemma

    mmm all icecream is a good thing, but you really can’t beat a Mr Whippy with a flake.. mmm 99 heaven 😀

  6. Emily

    I love mini milks, and I especially like being a grown up so i can eat 3 in one go without being told off, they never were big enough!

  7. becci williams

    ohh mine would be a zapp or a zoom. mmm now I really want an ice lolly or nice wolly as my 2 yar old calls them.

  8. Zoe

    My guilty pleasure ice cream is Skinny Cow Mint Double Choc!

  9. Jo Kelly

    Hmm, this is going to be weird, but I actually don’t like ice cream :O I only occasionally eat ice lolly’s & then it’s only a Twister. I get some stick for not liking it, some girl I am, haha. Although, there is a famous ice cream shop a couple of miles from here & I love their stuff, they’ve won awards & people come from all over to try it. From here:

  10. Andrea Barber

    Has to be the crunchie ice cream on a stick, all covered in chocolate with those fab crunchy popping pieces!
    Although I want to try one of those ‘kitchen sink’ pudding @disneyminx posted yesterday!

  11. Catherine Gregory

    I love a 99 but one that is half chocolate ice cream and half vanilla with raspberry sauce

  12. Sarah Rees

    Mine is a chocolate marshmallow sundae from our local ice cream parlour Joes’s. Too expensive (and fattening) to go too often though 😉

  13. Rachel Dann

    Ooooooh my favourite Ice Cream is an Oyster Shell with ‘Mr Whippy’ ice cream and a Flake xx Delicious xx


  14. Donna B

    It has to be Ben & Jerry’s chocolate fudge Brownie ice cream, it is to die for. Shame my diet says it is fattening LOL

    @Coistycat xx

  15. Jennie

    Mint Magnum when im on the go.. or ben and Jerry’s half baked for a night in!! 🙂 @j3nn1e .. jen xxx

  16. Katie Russell

    I love Honey Comb Icecream as it is the loveist icecream ever

  17. Louise

    Gotta be vanilla ice cream from Luca’s in Edinburgh with raspberry sauce from tony the ice cream van man and the sweetie strawberry from Haribo in as a spoon 🙂

  18. Emma Sant

    My favourite is Maxibon, soft biscuit half covered in chocolate, and two types of ice cream inside, they are so nice!! They have stopped selling them near us though. 🙁


  19. Keziah

    It would have to be an ice cream that I had in Germany: Zitrone, Joghurt and Weiss Schokolade aka lemon, yogurt and white chocolate, it was amazing 😀

  20. Gerturdeanna

    You cannot beat Hagden Daaz Strawberry Cheesecake (a whole tub to me!!) or a Feast!! Mmmmm – drooling now!!

  21. Jade

    There’s a place on the Isle of Wight that does 99s laced with another flavour… I usually have mint when I’m there and it’s delicious!

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