Summer Competition – Prize 12

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Getting ready for the kids to go back to school yet? Spending your summer organising your house?  Today’s prize should help…

Three Mini Sharpie Markers


These cute little pens are supposed to write on anything.  I’m giving three away to one winner – black, purple and teal green.

How to Enter

Today’s comment topic is all about your pets (one thing you shouldn’t be marking with these pens if you win!).

Do you have pets? If so, what are they and what are their names?

I’ll start… I have two mini lop does called Chocolate and Ginger – here they are:

Chocolate and Ginger

You have until 8pm this evening (Tuesday) to post your comment on this post below.

How to Win

The winner will be chosen at random from all entries.

Don’t forget to refer to the general rules of the Splodz Blogz Summer Competition which are posted here:

If you follow me on Twitter please feel free to include your Twitter name in your comment so I can say hi if you win!

44 Responses

  1. Laura Hadland

    I have three cats, they are called Gaia, Gipsy-Moo and Morrighan.

  2. Lisa King

    We have 2 cats, 1 tabby called Gizmo who recently had 3 gorgeous little kittens and a black and white cat called Poppy. We also have 2 fish tanks full of tropical fish 🙂

  3. Divadee

    I have a cat called picnic who ia the bestest cat in the whole wide world xxxx

  4. Gordon Miller

    I have two dogs in Scotland and two cats in London.

    The dogs are called Bessie and Scruffy. The cats are called Bru and Fatty.

  5. Jane Willis

    My lovely oldcats are no longer alive but they were called Sammy and Charlie

  6. Phil Holland

    I have two cats (Jasper & Ellie), three chickens (Bessy, Gladys and Doll) and a hive of bees (it’s a bit difficult to think of 50,000 names for each one!).

  7. Wendy Stanger

    Ive got a cat Squueky and 4 chickens called ‘The Girls’


  8. Elizabeth Burton

    I have just have a choccie labrador called Ella. Sadly lost my last chook a few months back. She was called Barbara :0)

  9. Kim Allen

    I dont have any pets right now but I do have a techy geek called Dave and a burning ambition to become a mad cat woman when I get older 😀


  10. Linda Hine

    I have a lovely old cat called Tom who will (hopefully) celebrate his 20th Birthday this year!

  11. Dave

    We have an Irish Setter called ‘Corky’ and 2 cats ‘Garfield’ and ‘Loki’ we also have 7 chickens but only one of them has a name, ‘Trouble’.

  12. Dave

    I must have been asleep when I left the above comment we have 3 cats mustn’t forget ‘Molly’.

  13. A Thrifty Mrs

    How sweet are your bunnies? I really want some house bunnies but we can’t currently because we’re in rented.
    We have a fiesty goldfish called Greg who is named after a small character in Flight Of The Conchords.

  14. Yvonne Crossland

    Sadly at the moment we don’t have any pets, we have had goldfish in the past which changed names weekly lol. It’s my daughter’s 4th birthday today & she asked her Daddy for a pet frog (HONESTLY!!!) needless to say she hasn’t got it lol

  15. Keziah

    3 cats, garlfield, loki and molly, and red setter called corky and 7 or 8 chickens, two with names: trouble and blackie, very original i know!

  16. Andrea Barber

    I have a dog called Buster. 2 years old, cross border terrier/patterddale terrier. 10 fish, comets and subumkims in an outdoor pond, 2 children and one husband! 😉


    We have Matt Smith (Smithy), Amy Pond (MeMe) and Slimer who are all hamsters. Then we have Glennis and Florie the Guinea Pigs. All of them are spoilt rotten and loved so much!

  18. Jade

    I have a dog called Scampi and a goldfish called Jamie 🙂


  19. cathyjam

    I have 2 cocker spaniels, both rescued dogs, my oldest that is 4 is Lucy she is an English Cocker Spaniel, gaxalxy chocolate in colour, she was physically abused and totally adores me, my other is Honey, she is an american cocker spaniel, nicknamed Pud, she did have any affection from her previous owner and is 2, totally nutty, has lots of food allergies and would eat for england. Am totally missing them both, but they are in doggy holiday camp at the moment. x

  20. @kohsamui14

    our cat is princess sorrayya… I’ll twit pic you a picture of the most pampered pet in the south east corner of Englsand!

  21. Danielle Graves

    I don’t have any pets any more sadly.

    Over the years though I have had:
    Deyna – a gorgeous dog who gave me 14 years of love.
    Max – a rescue staffy who was badly treated by his old owners
    Charlie – a rescue German Shepherd who had real talent and is now a police dog
    Roxy – a gorgeous lovely Japanese Akita who was my step dads best friend, but we didn’t realise Akitas had heart problems and she passed away at 3.

    4 gold fish – Fred, Barney, Wilma and George.

    Then we have 2 cats which live with my mam a few doors down.
    Pheobe – also known as Pooh Cat
    Suggs – who is Pheobes little brother although we called him Suki at first cos we thought he was a girl lol x

  22. Joanne Rodgers

    I’ve got a cat. She appeared in my shed last year, with 4 kittens that she’d given birth to in the shed. I’ve never even liked cats but I fell in love, even though she used to hiss & spit at us. We got help from the CPL and they were all neutered. The kittens all went to good homes & the cat still lives with me. My dad’s pimped the shed with cat gear & she roams happily between shed & house. Her name is goodgirl cos that’s what I used to say to her when I was trying to be nice & she was hissing back. It kind of stuck 🙂

  23. Dan

    Love these pens!!
    Sadly don’t have any pets at the mo but have two young daughters – does that count!!
    Used to have a lovely cat called Wordsworth. Kids want a pet – next year!!

  24. phyllgerry

    have now seven goldfish Bob1, Bob2b, Bob3 Bob4, Bob5, Bob6 and Tichy (cause he has not got any bigger). Bob2a died so replaced.


  25. becci williams

    I have a white cat (though he’s alway filthy and covered in oil from going under cars) called Sebastian


  26. Jennie

    I have 5 Cats Called: Maggie, Pig, Benna, Felix and Daisy… 2 Rabbits Called Doogle and Simba… Then there is 3 fish tanks with about 20 fish in each… and then a Guinea Pig Called Luggage!! 🙂

  27. Nicky

    Often feel i live in a zoo. Their J’s pets really but we have
    2 cats, I moggy called Tom and a Bengal called Drace
    1 Hamster called Fang, although after the last 3 escapes am considering changing his name to Houdein (sp) and is oftern called Bl**dy thing after bedtime
    1 goldfish called Goldie
    1 Giant African Snail (my favourite as he doesn’t smell, scratch, make loads of noise and mess)
    I am also been hassled to get a snake, lizard, crocodille or failing any of those a dog.

  28. Julie

    Love those pens have a pink one but left it in my desk at work (on maternity leave till jab 🙂 ) we have two cats called Calvin and Hobbes and also had a rabbit for 81/2 years called munch who sadly died a week ago today 🙁

  29. Jay

    Just one pet here, although she can be a bit of a handful – a rescue dog called Buffy – more because she’s blonde and pretty than for her ability to fight demons and vampires though – she’s a bit of a coward really!

  30. @nicky63

    I have a Blind Black Labrador Called Bruno, he was from the RSPCA where he’d been abondoned because he was bread as a Gundog and they’re not much use if they can’t see, he’s really cuddly and loving but very very thick 😀 and Smirnoff the Border Collie, he’s trouble with a capital T, he’s had so many trips to the vets he’s got his own fan club down there, the worst being his accident last year where he cut his chest open from his neck to his privates. my hubby had to carry him 3 miles to the car then drive to the vets. They told him he had saved Smirns life as he wouldnt have made it if it had been much longer 🙁

  31. @nicky63

    lol sorry about the spelling and grammar! i’m a bit stressed today 😀 Bread!!! I mean bred of course lol

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