Summer Competition – Winner 12!

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Today was all about your pets (or lack of them).  Glad to see that there are some other bunny keepers amongst my Splodz Blogz readers. 🙂

I’ll get straight to it then… the winner (as picked by is:


I have a Blind Black Labrador Called Bruno, he was from the RSPCA where he’d been abondoned because he was bred as a Gundog and they’re not much use if they can’t see, he’s really cuddly and loving but very very thick :D and Smirnoff the Border Collie, he’s trouble with a capital T, he’s had so many trips to the vets he’s got his own fan club down there, the worst being his accident last year where he cut his chest open from his neck to his privates. my hubby had to carry him 3 miles to the car then drive to the vets. They told him he had saved Smirns life as he wouldnt have made it if it had been much longer :(


I will email you shortly to arrange posting the Sharpie Mini Pens to you.

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  1. @nicky63

    Woohooo thank you and thanks for editing my dreadful spelling to save me the shame 😀 xxxx

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