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Time for another book.

The History of the World Through Twitter, by Jon Holmes and Mitch Benn; Fore-tweet by Stephen Fry

This is  a very funny little book for anyone who has found themselves shortening sentences to that all important 140-characters.

100 key moments from history are picked and reported in tweets – those 140-character maximum bite-sized chunks that are so familiar to Twitter users – and anyone who has read a newspaper in the last six months – today. But this book is more than just a straight re-telling of history…Twitter is perhaps the most potent and versatile phenomenon yet thrown up by the web and the authors have created a fresh, hilarious, original and just occasionally (sort of) educational book which will take full advantage of the extraordinary popularity of Twitter.

How to Enter

In order to win this book I would like you to comment on this blog post with a tweet best describing your day yesterday.  So… you have 140 characters only to tell me what you got up to, what you felt, what was important.

You have until 8pm this evening (Wednesday) to post your comment on this post below.

Please note this book has an adult content warning. Please do not enter if you are under 18.

How to Win

The winner will be chosen at random from all entries.

Don’t forget to refer to the general rules of the Splodz Blogz Summer Competition which are posted here:

If you follow me on Twitter please feel free to include your Twitter name in your comment so I can say hi if you win!

24 Responses

  1. Julie grant

    Went on choppy ferry & the liverpool wheel oh don’t forget pizza express too

  2. Rach Watson

    It was wet and miserable.Last day before payday and everything i touched seemed to break. Oh and the cat was sick to finish it.@Rattycat

  3. Ellen Stafford

    I did paper round, worked, slept, walked the dog, entered competitions, watched Holby City, chatted to my tweetheart @NON53N53, read book 🙂


  4. Jane Willis

    Spent the day hunting for competitions in Reading: every shop, supermarket, bank, petrol station and out of town retail park. And made pesto

  5. lesley

    waited for the fridge man to repair the fridge, got wet in he rain, fridge still not working.


  6. Jo Haigh

    Chored,Twittered,reacted parentally to GCSE results,baked a sponge cake,put off self assessment form filling. Tax IS taxing! @fripfoll

  7. Jade

    Woke up and read some book before watching some TV. Made lunch + dinner.


  8. Andrew Berry

    Went to work, picked up Mia, had dinner, chilled with friends, not a bad day!


  9. Laura Hadland

    Went to work,then did competitions.Ate some tea then watched the Simpsons.Rounded it off with We Sing,not bad when my nose is stuffy+stings!

  10. Yvonne Crossland

    Took my daughter to proper theatre for the first time to see Annie, was AMAZING!!!! Comp win of course 🙂

  11. Keith C

    Worked in the musuem, then gorged myself on freshly picked blackberries and cream!

  12. Corrine

    Don’t really remember yesterday! It was overshadowed by being utterly emotionally drained by monday, felt a bit lonely and unwanted.

  13. Kelly Manton

    Emotional and yummy with a bereavement councilling session followed by home made pizza for dinner! @KellySee

  14. Andrea Barber

    Hate government cutbacks. Norm at work is now stressed and tired. Only there till 1pm, had a siesta, relaxed, home movie, wine and comps 🙂

  15. Dan

    Had a conference in Dundee. It rained! Wife got a newer bigger car. I went to Youth Club. Oh, and it was my birthday too! (@caldjr)

  16. @nicky63

    Housework & washing. Lunch with Mum at home, lots of shopping for my cruise, bargains, bargains, walked home, worn out, comp comp comp, bed!

  17. Jo Kelly

    Went shopping for holidays, kids screamed all over the place, got soaked, wish I’d stayed in! But, booked Pleasure Beach 😀

  18. Catherine Miller

    Woke, Washed, Robed, Chauffeured, Worked, Got home, Comped, Ate too much, Went to Slimming world, lost 2lbs! Prep for book proposal! Slept


  19. Hazel

    went to Fruit Farm to buy delicious cherries, ate too many cherries, relaxed at home with husband and daughter.

  20. Russell Turner

    Took daughter to Quasar birthday party then ate all her friends’ unwanted birthday cake on way home!

  21. Emma Sant

    Worked all day, not too bad, I’d finally decided to order a new phone!


  22. phyllis ellett

    got up, was sick, hubby cleaned it up, helped me to get ready for work, went to work, felt ill sll day, came home, hubby helped to feed me and then slept, not going to let this beat me, it did not before, Phyllis @phyllgerry on twitter

  23. Elaine

    Up early, pre ordered hamster cage, washing, cleaning, sorted kids, comped then bed – not very exciting lol x

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