Whirly Word

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Want another addictive game for your iPhone/iPod?  Already enjoy Words with Friends and other word games?  Try this – Whirly Word.

Recommended to me the other day by a friend, this is a really simple but really good word puzzle app from iTunes.  The idea of Whirly Word is to get all the possible words (3 to 6 letters) from the six-letter circle you are given.

Whirly Word

You start with this screen, which couldn’t be more straight forward! Tap “New Game” and you’re away. If you close the game (by pressing the Home key) it effectively pauses it… each puzzle is not timed… and when you return just hit “Resume” and away you go again.

Whirly Word

This is your game screen.  At the top there is a bar which shows how near completion you are.  Under that line you have dots which represent the words that are possible from the Whirly Word Wheel… as you can see on this puzzle there are four 3 letter words, four 4 letter words, one 5 letter and one 6 letter words.  To complete the puzzle you obviously have to find them all, but you don’t need to do that to move on to the next one… you can move onto the next puzzle when the red light goes green – which is when you get passed the green line or when you get the six letter word.

Whirly Word

Finding words is easy.  Just tap on the letters in order, then tap on Enter in the centre of the wheel.  If you go wrong hit clear and you can start again.  If you get stuck tap “Whirl” and the letters will spin and change order – hence Whirly Word – which can often show you different patterns.  If you’re completely stuck and want to give up, press “End”.

Whirly Word

As you get words the dots become letters and the bar at the top moves across. As you can see here the red light has now turned green, and the “End” button has changed to “Next”.  When you tap on that you get some stats.

Whirly Word

(This is obviously a different puzzle.)  The numbers in the stars show you where you are ranked in your own games.  You basically keep going until you can’t complete any more puzzles.

Whirly Word

There is a stats page like this which dhows all your games.  As you can see my top score is currently 6,100 – I’ll be trying to beat that as soon as I’ve posted this blog!  From the main menu you can also get to some options/settings, which allow to to turn off the annoying background music and change the colour scheme.  I quite like this one:

Whirly Word

Whirly Word

You can get extra points if you get all the available words, and also if you get all the three letter words, four letter words and so on.

Thanks for the recommendation on this game… if you like word puzzles and have an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch you should definitely give this one a go.  Another very simple to understand and play, but very addictive game.

7 Responses

  1. Louise

    I’m addicted, will hopefully help cure the boredom of waiting for my op in hospital. Only complaint is a lack of different words.

  2. Shanelle

    I downloaded this game on Thanksgiving, and I’ve solved 202 puzzles. My score is 86,000 and still going. Wish me luck.

  3. Liza

    Hello! I am really enjoying this game. Thank you! I only have one concern. I have gotten very far and completed over 120 puzzles but the green bar at the top is not moving up anymore. It used to move after each completed game. Why is this?

  4. Kathleen Bierman

    I am about to hit 1,200,000 points but iPod will NOT let me resume game.

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