10 Mile Challenge Begins…

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Last week my friend Bec, and I decided we needed a challenge in order to get motivated to exercise.  So we set ourselves the 10 Mile Challenge – basically we’re planning on cycling/running 10 miles every week.

Originally we said we’d start on Wednesday because that is 1st September, but since then we’ve decided Monday-Sunday weeks are much easier to manage… so we’re starting today!  Oh and my sister Veronica has decided to join in the fun too.  With the three of us encouraging each other we’re hoping this should go well and we’ll be super-fit in no time!!!

And as today should be the day I can pick up my New Wheels, and we’re due a good week, I’m hoping that we can get this off to a good start.

I should add that we discussed winter weather last night.  This challenge is about us getting outside and exercising in the fresh air, which is certainly the best way to do it.  As the winter sets in it may be we swap from 10 Miles a week to something in hours instead of distance, so we can do stuff indoors and still get motivated.  But for now it’s the 10 Mile Challenge and we’re gonna do our exercise outside… I hope the September/October weather will be kind!

So that’s it, here goes… no excuses, no complaints, just get on with it!

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  1. Stewart

    Go for it. 10 miles a week is very manageable. You’ll find that you’ll be cycling on the road at 10mph soon and raising your target! Have fun!

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