My New Toy

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Yay I have my new bike!  Is it wrong to be really happy about that?! I shouldn’t say so!  It’s such a lovely thing, I’m a very lucky girl.

We picked it up at lunch time today – they were very busy in Halfords as was to be expected on Bank Holiday Monday, but it didn’t take long for us to be out of there with my new wheels.  I had about an inch taken off the saddle post because it was just a bit too high (I couldn’t quite reach the floor!!), but they did that for me no problems and now I’m on my tip toes for now with the option of taking it higher a bit if I go off road.  Thankfully it fitted in the car no problems without taking either wheel off.

Once we were home and had some lunch I was obviously desperate to take it for a ride around the block.  My other half came too… although he was less willing!  The bike rides lovely, it’s nice being on a hard tail after having full suspension for the last few years – and the saddle is SO much more comfortable!!  I’m getting used to the gears (all 24 of them) because I’m used to a twisty shift, but already prefer my new set-up. I can’t wait to use it more and more, really get used to it – I’m on the look out for some tracks now to get this thing off the roads and burn some proper calories!

My Bike

This is my bike in my garden… I apologise for the incredibly messy backdrop!! As you can see I now have a cage and bottle on it – “stolen” off my other half’s bike as he had two (because my old bike didn’t have room for one).  Oh, and here’s me on it:

Me on My Bike

You only have this picture because Bec and Mark made me – I look terrible!!!  It was taken after we had ridden the 7.5 miles around the block – that’s a whole chunk of miles done for this week’s 10 Mile Challenge woo!  And ok I was shattered (horrible head wind!) but it felt good. I haven’t ridden my bike properly since back in May when I completed my 100 Miles Challenge – I am absolutely certain a challenge is what makes me get off my butt!

And now of course I have no reason to not succeed – not this week anyway!  2.5 miles to go and an urge to get back out on my new toy… here’s hoping the weather the rest of the week is good!  I can do this… probably!!

I look forward to being able to blog my mini adventures out on my bike before the winter sets in.

  1. Mel Clarke

    Your new bike is lovely 🙂 Wish I could afford a bike but no chance lol xx

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