Throwing Shoes Away?!

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I have been taking part in a little personal challenge set for me by a friend for two months now… my Shoe Challenge is about wearing every pair of shoes I own between 1st July and 31st December 2010 – six months.

I don’t think she realised to begin with how many pairs of shoes there actually are to wear, but so far I’ve worn 42 pairs: 26 in July (a hot month so lots of sandals) and 16 in August.

You can read about my Shoe Challenge here – I update it with a photo as I wear different pairs of shoes.

But today something horrible has happened.  My favourite flat black ballet pumps I wear to work all the time (and actually the first pair in my challeng!) have given up. They are officially worn out. The insole has folded up, there is a hole in the bottom, and the black crocodile effect upper is just scraggly and horrible.  Oh no!  Ok so they were very cheap and from Primark, but still, it’s difficult to throw out the shoes that go with everything?

Worn out Shoes
Worn out Shoes

Now where am I going to get a replacement pair?! 

I’ve heard of lots of projects where you can send shoes to places where people don’t have any to wear, but I think these are way beyond that.

Anyway, at the end of my second month of my Shoe Challenge I’m looking out of the window and feeling the temperature thinking is it time to put those boots on yet?!  Yes I think so!  Bring on September!

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  1. wendy @kikicomp

    do u know of anywhere u can send kids shoes 4 those that dont have any as have loads of different sizes that mine have grown out of

  2. cathyjam

    I know that there was a shoe collection at my local dump, think it goes to 3rd world, also we have something at school. You could check your local council to see if they have any collection points.

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