Take One… Pass It On…

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Have you seen the new Walkers Extra Crunchy crisps yet? Have you tried them?  I noticed them in Spar the other day, and since then have heard much about them on twitter. I haven’t tried them yet – I quite fancy the Cheddar and Sour Cream flavour.   Mmmmm crisps *drools*!

Extra Crunchy


The reason for this post is to let you know about a project that Walkers are organising called “Take One… Pass It On“.  Basically, the project involves fans of the new Extra Crunchy crisps creating a “never ending” bag of crisps.

The idea is simple; upload a video showing Walkers how you share your Extra Crunchy and they’ll edit the best ones together so it looks like the bag is being passed from one person to the next.  Here’s an example Walkers have produced:

Get it?  How would you share your bag of crisps?

Apart from the chance of appearing in the final video, there are some amazing prizes to be won.  If Walkers random editing process puts your video next to Lionel Richie’s, you win win £1,000!  There are also four Sony video cameras for the most creative shares and a free bag of Extra Crunchy for every person who appears in the final video.

Sounds like fun!  I must get myself a bag of these and give it a try myself… and I’d love to see your videos too!

You can see more about new Extra Crunchy crisps here: http://walkers.co.uk/extracrunchy/; and more about the Take One… Pass It On project here: http://walkers.co.uk/extracrunchy/topio/

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