Twix for the Girlies

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Twix, by Mars, is now available in a new guise… in a version aimed at us girls – the Twix Fino.

Twix Fino

I hadn’t heard anything about the Twix Fino until today when I went into the shop at work to see what I could have after my salad that wasn’t sweet and chocolatey but not too full of calories.  They had a display full of these. I was surprised I hadn’t seen any advertising – nothing on TV or on bus stations or anywhere.  I did a quick search on You Tube to see if the promotion had passed me by, and no, nothing there either.  I couldn’t find it on the Twix website, or a website of its own, although the nutritional information does appear on the Mars website.

So I thought I’d better give it a go… all in the name of letting you all know what it was like of course!

Twix Fino

Apart from appearing smaller, although that might just be me, the main difference between a Twix and a Twix Fino is that there is no biscuit – instead it’s wafer, like you would put on ice-cream.  This makes each stick full of air – which must be how the calories are lower – 94kcal per 19g piece.

Twix Fino

But calories aside, what does it taste like? Well like a twix with wafer instead of biscuit of course!  It is much lighter – anda therefore less filling – than a standard twix, but it still has the chocolate/caramel taste.

Twix Fino

The wafer is very flakey so it’s best to eat it with your hand under your chin so it doesn’t go everywhere!  But apart from that this is a really nice chocolate treat – if you like Twix bars but would prefer something lighter, then give a Twix Fino a try.

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