Year in Photos (7 Sep 2010)

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There is no doubt that my hair looks much better when I find time to dry it using a hair dryer rather than just letting it dry naturally.  My fine long blonde hair (which you know is desperate for a cut and colour!) just holds it shape and also gets less scraggly if I blow dry it.  I use heat protection spray of course.

Today’s photo had to be “as is” from my camera because my free trial of Photoshop CS5 has come to and end and I haven’t installed my old copy of Photoshop 7 on this computer… so I got my trusty Fujifilm Finepix F10 (which is sadly showing signs of wearing out!) and took this:

Tuesday 7th September 2010
Tuesday 7th September 2010

07/09/10: Blowing hot air

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