New Toys For My New Toy

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Last week I seemed to have no trouble starting my 10 Mile Challenge – I completed it in two 7 mile cycle rides on Monday and Wednesday.

This week, though, getting started was much more difficult.  The main “issue” was the stubbing incident early on Sunday morning which caused blood, swelling and skin loss… On Monday I couldn’t bare to put shoes on.  Anyway I was in bed by 8.30pm completely shattered so if I’d have gone for a bike ride I’d probably have fallen asleep while riding it.  Then on Tuesday, while I did manage to wear shoes (although still painful!), I didn’t finish work until late because of an event, we didn’t have dinner til gone 8pm… so no time for a ride then either.  Today I left my toe un-dressed and wore shoes (nice fat square ones!!) and it felt fine this evening, and it didn’t rain, so I had no excuse – so off I went on the 7ish mile trip around the block.  Good job too coz I’m now on a course for two days and am away at the weekend – just need to find about 3 miles in the hotel gym tomorrow evening!

Before I went out, though, I had some new accessories to fit to my new bike.  I’ve had them a few days but have only just fitted them.

Saddle Bag

This was a present from Bec, one of my 10 Mile Challenge buddies – she bought one for me and my other half when I got my new bike. Very useful – perfect size for my phone, keys and even my little camera too. I know it’s designed for tools but when I’m only going around the block it’s perfect for my gadgets!!  Thanks Bec x



These are my lights – Smart Lunar 25 Lux LED on the front and a 1/2 watt on the back.  Not cheap at just under £30 for the set but with the nights drawing in I wanted something that would help me see and be seen… and that would look good and compact on my bike!  Glad I bought them when I did, they’ve gone up in price now!

So with those fitted this is what my bike looks like now:



Like I said before, I know it won’t stay white for long but I’m really pleased with the frame colour (although a little burnt out in the pics, sorry!)… and the whole bike.  It’s so much more comfortable than my old bike and the extra few gears make the steady inclines and declines of the 7 mile block I cycle round much more knee-friendly.

What next?  Well I’m after a set of handlebar ends which I will mostly likely get with the Halfords voucher I got when I bought the bike, and I’ve put a few other bits and bobs on my birthday list.  Oh and I’m after some full-length cycling leggins because it’s not going to be long before my cycling shorts just aren’t warm enough, and it’s not very comfy with a pair of joggers over the top!

So the 10 Mile challenge continues… I’ll keep you informed!

  1. Dave

    I like the top picture it looks just like Micky mouse. Your bikes starting to get full, if you put much more on, the light weight frame will no longer be very light weight lol.

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