Year in Photos (11 Sep 2010)

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Today’s topic could be one thing only…. Muse at Wembley Stadium! What a fantastic gig… an amazing show!

We got there for gates opening time so we could get a good spot near the stage, and ended up on the first tier of seating for the supports ready to stand and bounce during Muse.  I Am Arrows, White Lies and Biffy Clyro were all excellent (even if I Am Arrows looked a bit scared!).  Muse were, of course, absolutely brilliant.  The set was all space-ship-esque and looked amazing with all the lights.  Unfortunately I didn’t come home with an eye-ball balloon!!  Also my first time inside the new Wembley Stadium, it is a great venue for a gig, I will be back!

Saturday 11th September 2010
Saturday 11th September 2010

11/09/10: Muse: The Resistance Tour at Wembley Stadium

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