Year in Photos (13 Sep 2010)

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We’re off work this week and have a list of things to do at home as well as a list of places we want to go and see.  We decided to start the week by getting two massive chores done – cleaning the carpets and cleaning the kitchen (you know, inside the cupboards and everything).   So off we went to Johnson’s this morning and hired a Rug Doctor. £20 for 24 hours wasn’t bad but they make their money on the detergent (which smells just like Fairy Liquid) – £39 or something like that in total.  But it’s worth it because our cream carpets in our hall/stairs/landing and lounge now look fab again… all that grubbyness from just walking around the house (even with no shoes on) has gone.

Monday 13th September 2010
Monday 13th September 2010

13/09/10: Carpets shampooed, kitchen sparkly clean… the rest of the week is ours 🙂

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