10 Mile Challenge Quick Update

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I am now three weeks into my 10 Mile Challenge (See HERE) and so I thought I’d give you all an update on how I was doing.

In three weeks I’ve cycled (all my miles have been cycling so far) just over 42 miles… 14.92 the first week, 12.91 the second and 14.24 this week. All those miles have been outside on my new bike and in varying weather conditions.  The furthest I’ve ridden in one ride is 7.53 miles, the shortest 3.93 miles.

So as you can see the exercise is going well so far, and as suspected I have been getting out on my bike because I have this challenge to complete each week.  Hopefully we have a few more weeks of decent enough cycling weather and you never know, I may be able to up that 10 Miles to something higher.  And of course this challenge is going to play a big part in me getting ready for the 26 mile walk that is the Spires and Steeples challenge I’m signed up for (see HERE).

Bec and Ronnie are also doing well, it’s nice to have a bit of a group challenge going on as we’re able to encourage each other.

I’ll let you know how things progress!

Week Beginning Date Activity Distance Week Total Grand Total
1 30/08/2010 30/08/2010 Cycling 7.53
01/09/2010 Cycling 7.39 14.92 14.92
2 06/09/2010 08/09/2010 Cycling 7.41
09/09/2010 Cycling 5.5 12.91 27.83
3 13/09/2010 16/09/2010 Cycling 4.88
17/09/2010 Cycling 5.43
19/09/2010 Cycling 3.93 14.24 42.07

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