Alpen Light Chocolate and Fudge

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You all know that I like snacking… the only problem is that over the years it’s been on things like chocolate bars, crisps, sweets, cakes etc etc. Recently I have re-discovered jelly and learnt how to make my own popcorn which has helped turn my snacking into something a little more healthy… but still there is room for improvement.

This week I discovered Alpen Light bars thanks to my friend Cathy.  Just 70 calories (1 weight watchers point if you’re interested) and the ones I had have chocolate and fudge in so a definite sweet hit.

Alpen Chocolate and Fudge

You get five bars in a box and the first thing I noticed was how light the box was when I picked it up off the shelf.  They certainly weigh less than a packet of five snickers (which I’m hoping these might replace!).  I wondered if the lightness meant the bar lacked any substance… or that it was so small it would be gone in two bites and I’d still want my snickers!

Alpen Light Chocolate and Fudge

But actually I was pleasantly surprised. It was indeed small, but the flavour was good and it really hit the spot halfway through the afternoon when I really wanted something sweet and chocolatey.  Limiting myself to one was difficult – maybe because of the size, maybe because I just really like the taste of chocolate!

Alpen Light Chocolate and Fudge

As I mentioned in my review of Jordan’s Frusili Bars the other day, some cereal bars just disintigrate when you bite into them which is a pain because they go everywhere.  Thankfully these don’t do that though, they aren’t chewy like the Frusili bars but don’t fall apart and go all over the floor!

Should you buy them?  Well bear in mind these are designed as a more healthy snack than a good old chocolate bar but they do their job in terms of giving you a taste of chocolate in a few bites without going straight to your thighs.  So yes, I recommend these to Splodz Blogz readers – I’ll certainly be keeping a box in my desk drawer for those “I need chocolate” moments (that’s 3pm every afternoon!).

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