New Categories

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I’ve been thinking about re-organising my blog for a while so it’s easier for readers to find posts on particular topics (Splodz Blogz really has evolved since it was started back in January this year).  I’ve decided to add some more categories.

So you will now see on the right hand side a longer list of categories, including Fashion, Beauty, Health/Fitness and Food. It’s going to take me some time to move the 450 posts already on Splodz Blogz into any additional relevant categories, but I’ll work on them in bits.  Hopefully soon you’ll be able to click on Fashion and see all my posts on that topic.  Any new posts will of course be put into the new categories straight away.

As always I’m looking for ideas for Splodz Blogz.  If you have an idea of something you’d like to read on here let me know.  Maybe there is a product (new or old) you’d like to read a review of? Something you’d like to hear an opinion on?  Whatever it is, comment and let me know.

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